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IGPF: 3,384,960 Ukrainians have entered Romania as of 10 February 2022

The General Inspectorate of the Border Police (IGPF) informs that approximately 134,300 people, Romanians and foreign citizens, with 37,800 means of transportation have completed the control formalities at the border crossing points nationwide, both on the way in and on the way out.

A number of 64,749 people have entered Romania, of whom 6,852 were Ukrainian citizens. As of 10 February 2022, the pre-conflict period, until 23 January 2023, a number of 3,384,960 Ukrainian citizens have entered Romania.

The border policemen discovered 43 illegalities (23 offenses and 22 contraventions) committed by both Romanian and foreign citizens and assets of an estimated value of approximately 420,000 RON were impounded.

The amount of fines enforced exceed 51,300 RON.

A number of 24 foreign citizens were not allowed to enter the country because they didn’t meet the requirements stipulated by the law, while a number of 14 Romanian citizens were not allowed to leave the country for various legal reasons.

Information regarding the situation at the border crossing points open to international traffic can be found on the Trafic on-line application, which can be accessed at AGERPRES